About Global Travel Haven

There’s nothing quite like traveling and exploring the little known wonders of the world. But the joy of traveling is often accompanied by a whole host of problems. This list can begin with the simple, “Where should I stay?”, and go on to encompass “How do I go from one place to another?” and “Where do I have my next meal?”

As a fellow traveler, I’ve planned a number of solo and family trips and every time, for every destination, I have faced the same hurdle. You get hotels from one website, information on local specialties on another, and need yet another forum to determine the best routes to take, especially if you are using public transit.

I’ve been exactly where you are right now and I know that it’s mind boggling. But that’s exactly why Global Travel Haven is here. This is a hub that combines the core factors involved in any travel plan to your destination of choice so that you don’t have to.

What Global Travel Haven has to offer?

Information on a number of destinations worldwide

How does that help you?
• Decide where you want to go and what to see once you’re there
• Find out what local specialties are a must-try
• Determine which mode of transport you wish to enjoy
• Get tips on using the public transit system
• Obtain route info that’ll help you plan your day

Simply read up on the facts here, make your bookings and you’re ready to go! Happy Holidays!